Creating a cozy and welcoming bedroom is one of the nicest treats you can do for yourself but for some reason often seems last on the “to do” design list. Investing in a space that gives you a sense of relaxation and renewal is sure to pay itself back ten-fold. You will go to sleep feeling more at peace and wake to strong positive energy flowing as a direct result of your tranquil new surroundings. So, now that we are eager to find out more about the planning involved, let me make it easy on you by sharing my top three tips on creating a peaceful bedroom retreat:

Step 1: Invest in a good mattress. I know this sounds basic but so many of us are sleeping on old mattress’ that have lost their luster. Let’s face it, a comfortable, luxurious mattress is the foundation to a great night sleep, it encourages a deeper rest, can ease aching joints and all around provide a healthier sleeping environment. This should be your first purchase!

Step 2: Buy good quality furnishings. Pieces that have some storage in them are great investments, you can put away any clutter to help clear your mind each day. A bedside table with drawers is the perfect solution. A bed that has a higher headboard will offer a nice backdrop while reading in bed. A beautiful chandelier on a dimmer will add to the rooms ambiance and create a feeling of luxury.

Step 3: Layer in linens and accessories. Having the right type of pillow is essential to resting so let’s start with some new pillows. As for linens, I love a crisp white set, they will last for years and look hotel chic. My favorite accent pillows are soft and slightly oversized, perfect for propping yourself up in bed. The finishing touch to your bedroom retreat should be art that speaks to you and makes your soul feel happy and relaxed.













Happy Shopping,

Amanda xo

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