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Weiser Lock

Sometimes when designing the perfect entry for our clients, or adding a little polish to their curb appeal
functionally can beat out good design when it comes to security. What I love most about Weiser’s SmartCode 10 Touchscreen is that it not only gives our clients the peace of mind that their families and homes will be kept safe but its sleek and contemporary design allows my team of designers to create spaces that feel cohesively designed right down to the smallest detail.

With typical touchscreen locks, passcodes can potentially be identified by criminals who detect frequently used code numbers by noting the oily residues left by fingers on touchscreen surfaces. With SecureScreen technology, users are prompted to touch two random numbers prior to entering their unique access code. This industry-first technology encourages touching all the numbers on the screen, and therefore masking the unique digits of the correct access code.

The deadbolt is programmable with up to 16 user codes that homeowners can assign to family members or temporary guests then delete at any time to revoke access. The deadbolt features a MasterCode feature that increases security by preventing unauthorized users from adding or deleting user codes.

And if that’s not enough, the chic all white LED display provides crisp, high definition illumination without distracting from the overall entry design.

The SmartCode 10 is now available for purchase at most home improvement retailers and can be installed in just minutes with no hard wiring required. Visit for a full list of retailers and more information.

Product Information:

No. 1 – Weiser – SmartCode 10 Touchscreen 11P Venetian Bronze – $234.99

No. 2 – West Elm – Mixed Eucalyptus Wreath – $94.62

No. 3 – Rejuvenation – Dayton Small Neoclassical Wall Sconce – $215.00

No. 4 – Pottery Barn – Picture Frame Doormat – $82.00|rugs-doormats|

No. 5 – Restoration Hardware – Live Boxwood Cone Collection – $450.00