Adding value to our homes can come at all different price points- below you’ll find some of my top tips bringing the best out in your house.

Paint or moulding: Use paint and moulding to create depth and luxury in a room. Moulding comes pre primed for ease of installation. Be sure to map out your pattern on the wall with painters tape to get the proper layout. Paint is easily used to downplay less desirable features, make a room feel larger or happier! 

Amanda Aerin Design Toronto/ Arnal Photography

Vogue Living Wallpaper + Murals: Installing wallpaper adds interest and texture to a space making it more interesting and inviting. There are great options for easy installation like peel and stick that are super easy to remove. Installing a mural in a dining room creates a gorgeous ambiance and is like a giant piece of hand painted art on the wall.

Amanda Aerin Design TorontoFlooring: Flooring can be used as an excellent tool to make a hall feel wider or a room more welcoming. Investing in beautiful area rugs can have a fabulous effect by adding lovely detail and colour to open up the space.

Genevieve GarruppoStone or Cabinetry: Stone is a spectacular gift from mother nature. Consider book matching stone on a fireplace or backsplash for a dramatic look.  Cabinetry can be an interesting way to show off your style. Art cabinets allow you to use your favourite art right on the door- beautiful and durable!

Amanda Aerin Design Toronto

Amanda Aerin Design Toronto / Alex Andrite

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