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The sky is the limit with custom furniture — from re-upholstered antique armchairs to beautiful headboards, custom furniture can help level up your space and make it your own. Before you take the plunge, our team has gathered a list of items to consider before purchasing custom furniture.

Think about functionality 

Take some time to consider the needs of your home. How will this piece be used? Can it be used for multiple purposes? When you consider functionality in the design of your home, you can make your space work exactly for you — whether it is an extendable dining table or a built-in bookcase.

Consider colour 

When it comes to adding colour in your home — especially when you might be a bit hesitant to do so — an accent piece in a bold, vivacious colour is an easy way to add colour to your home. We work with trusted fabricators to help you choose fabrics that speak to you and that will add to the decor of your home. 

Upscale your vintage finds 

Adding vintage pieces to your home can help tell a story. Whether it’s something you found in a flea market or a family heirloom, our team can help turn outdated into upscale. Not to mention, mixing modern and vintage provides design depth to your home. 

Vintage custom furniture

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If sustainability and the environment are important for you when designing your home, custom furniture can allow you to make ethical decisions and know exactly how your furniture is made. When purchasing custom furniture, you can work directly with fabricators and choose how eco-friendly your furniture can be. 

Request samples

Purchasing custom furniture is a big decision. To help ease the process, make you have access to samples to easily visualize what the piece will look like in your home. We can help you source fabric, wood and other samples to help you see the bigger picture and feel comfortable in your decision. 

Fabric samples

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Our team can help you customize your home and make it a true reflection of you. Learn more about more of our design services and custom furniture selection — coming soon!