Anyone who has followed me for some time knows I have a sincere love of marble. To me it’s the perfect design mix of contemporary and timeless and always evokes a feeling a luxury. Our firm prides itself on elegance with an attitude-so when it comes to planning materials for our clients we often mix materials that have longevity alongside edgy accents that create magazine worthy spaces. Recently while sourcing for a client’s home I came across a product that I had to share with you, especially if you love marble like I do!

Marmi Classici, distributed by Ceratec, is a series that combines character and elegance with an extraordinary range of graphics to evoke the splendour of marble while preserving the excellent technical performance that only the best quality marble stoneware [Marmi Classici is technically Porcelain tiles] can provide. High definition production makes for a remarkably realistic result of the most valuable and sought-after natural marbles.  Have a look at how spectacular and realistic this floor looks:

The best part of all is that Marmi Classici is available at a great price point and re-creates the look of a natural marble without its disadvantages at a better price and has minimum maintenance costs. This product is perfect for use in residential spaces but is also durable enough to use in hotels, shops and offices. We are designing an elegant bathroom concepts using the Bianco Calacatta, we are going for a timeless look overall, underlined with elegant details and a hit of modern in the art.

If you prefer a deeper more dramatic look- Nero may be the look for you. It’s depth of colour has an art deco feel and would certainly provide the perfect backdrop to a free-standing bathtub and gold chandelier. Marmi Classici can also be installed outdoors or on walls so you can imagine the luxurious focal points that could be created, especially given it’s available up to size 24” x 48”.

Here is another example of the timeless look that can be created using this product- I love that these tiles are rectified meaning they can be installed to create and effect “without joints” :

They look pretty spectacular, don’t they? I also love the natural veining and the level of gloss these tiles have, so clean and elegant. There is a full range of colours to have a look at online-  Nero Marquinia, Statuario Classico, Onice Perlato, Bianco Calacatta, Grey Marble and Pulpis Grey.


I hope you’re inspired to use Marmi Classici for your next project, plus I would love to see photos of the end result!



This post has been sponsored by Ceratec however all views are my own.