ECHO EFS Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is flooring that can be installed and removed without glue if you choose! This is the perfect solution to cover those ugly floors we are sometime at the mercy of in rental properties.  The installation is simple and fast plus it has superior sound proofing.

So, when it came time to source design products for our client’s basement project we were looking for a flooring solution that would not only have warmth and durability, but we also needed a product that will stand up to family time for her two daughters and their friends. ECHO EFS  proved to be the perfect solution-have a peak at the mood board below, the Cape Cod colour blends seamlessly in to our design while being stylish and functional.

The click or glue down flooring option is available in many other on trend colours and styles and because each colour has matching moulding pieces, you get a completely seamless look, even in large spaces like a basement. They’re sizing is perfection!

Although there at 28 colours available, below are two of my favorite tones, hopefully this will inspire your project if you are considering luxury vinyl tile in your space:

Cape May is a look inspired by the old houses found on the East Coast. Each small detail has been treated with special attention and the quality of the knots and the grain of wood of this product give it lots of visual depth.

Ash Luxury Vinyl Planks showcase the worn look of raw wood and its embossed texture. The texture is inspired by the marks left by the saw blades when the boards were coming out of the mill. Remember ECHO Vinyl Tiles distributed by Ceratec  have a soundproofing effect, look how fabulous they look in a bedroom:

Now that I have peaked your attention on this awesome flooring solution (weather renting or owning!) here is the recap you need when it comes to making your final choice on colour, style and installation:

  • There are 28 colours available
  • The Echo EFS product does not require glue to be installed, it works with a “click system” and can easily be uninstalled. The matching mouldings are available for each colour and pattern, which allows a uniform appearance in large spaces (eg. a complete basement). This is perfect for apartments where the floor is less attractive since the pose is not engaging, you can take it off and leave the apartment like it was before.
  • The Echo PRO product requires a glue, so it’s a more permanent option. It can be used in small shops. Despite the glue, this product remains fast to install. To create a wood effect wall, this product is ideal.
  • For both types, it is possible to install a heating cable and thus obtain a heated floor.

Happy Flooring Shopping!



This post has been sponsored ECHO/ Ceratec however all views are my own.