Part of being a designer is playing design style advocate when it comes to couples and their own particular views on style. I have sat through many of design meetings with couples that cannot agree on a colour, style or both.

The common colour that bridges both men and woman, younger or older clientele is Navy Blue-every.single.time. This colour pairs beautifully with greens which is also a great bridging colour amongst couples. Navy is best option for high traffic sofas that need a little colour while still standing the test of time-like this one we used in our clients living room:

We have also successfully used Navy as a kitchen island colour-it fits both modern and more traditional style decor:

My most favourite shade of blue for walls is Benjamin Moore’s newburyport blue and for furniture, I’m partial to my own FAT Paint chalk paint colour, Navy State Of Mind.


Arguing over what colour will work for both of you? Navy is the answer. I promise.

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