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Christmas DIY’s On A Budget- The Marilyn Denis Show

Here are the screen shots from our decorating and DIY’s for under $200. To Watch The Episode Click Below: To Download the printable word art click here: RUDOLPH I CAME TO SLEIGH Follow this link for the iron on image: Happy Holidays, Amanda xo

3 Steps To Creating A Glamorous Holiday Table

As the holiday season approaches I thought I would share with you 3 easy and affordable steps to creating a glamorous holiday tablescape with on trend holiday décor items that I picked up at Walmart – the perfect one stop shop for groceries AND know what aisle you’ll find me in! I have quite […]

Welcome Fur Baby Lorde to The Compound

We recently added the sweetest fur baby to our busy clan..I know..crazy right? A 12 week old black french bulldog who we named Lorde. Not sure why Lorde exactly, it came to be one day and seemed fitting given her queen like status around the creative studio. Here are some photos of the twins with […]

Where Does My Inspiration Come From?

I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about pillows, kitchens, paint, a wall covering or a color that stuck in my mind. The ideas flow from everything I experience throughout my day and life. I don’t follow a guide, there is no exact science to this art and I would never try […]

The Compound

I am going to use this blog to write about projects, life, family, personality and the path that has brought us all to the compound. We laugh because it sounds like a castle doesn’t it, a gorgeous mansion perhaps? Even a sprawling gated estate? Frankly it is none of the above but I love it […]