I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about pillows, kitchens, paint, a wall covering or a color that stuck in my mind. The ideas flow from everything I experience throughout my day and life. I don’t follow a guide, there is no exact science to this art and I would never try and explain how things become visible to me when I create or design.  There are those who use a more traditional   approach to the business, for me it’s a feeling. a display of personality and soul.

People always ask me where it comes from and the answer is not really about me. The best results come from our clients, their character, personality and lifestyle!

When you look inside our most interesting projects you will see the collage of images, color and character of the occupants. That is the true art of my world, bringing out all that I see in all of you. Fun!

When I look for new projects or exciting challenges I am also seeking the distinctive persona to go with it. So, interestingly enough, when I first saw the compound I knew it was the next one for me. We had evaluated so many potential properties, considered different areas and found them all to be so consistent in their character and models it was tiring.

I was bored and ready to accept that a glass of wine would be the next activity of the day, something I would obviously enjoy very much after all that.

There it was, a monster up on the hill. I had to take a second look to make sure it was a real estate listing on the front lawn because it just seemed kind of fake if you know what I mean.  A few seconds on the internet to see the details and I knew I was coming back the next afternoon to see inside.

It was exciting, even by the pictures I could tell this was a challenge, there was character and style that needed to be brought out. No one else could see it but I knew it was there.  It was unique, the size of the house, the interesting rooms and color schematics were clearly not from the modern era but that was the charm. It was not like anything I had seen in a few weeks and it was ripe with opportunity for the right imagination.

Making this the next project had started with me walking in the door. The paint was flying, new doors, a kitchen, bathrooms, beautiful molding and trim to match her style,   I was barely down the first hall and half the budget was spent. I do not think there is an appreciation for how wild my mind can go and the level of excitement this type of challenge gives to me. There were agents and other people there so containing my enthusiasm was quite a bit of work but I can assure you it was known this was where I wanted it all to start.

Over some wine and a smile I named it  “The Compound” after where it took my imagination. It has only been ten weeks and the name could not be more appropriate or accurate. It has been a difficult challenge this project, it is so beyond anything I have ever considered attempting.

The Compound, given my life it is exactly what I need!


Amanda  xo