Some projects are pretty dreamy..

The creative studio has been a buzz of design brains as we recently began a concept for our lovely clients from Vancouver Jackie & Phil. They are moving to Ontario and building their dream home. They ooze sweetness from every angle, kind, gorgeous and have beautiful children named Grey & Remy..(too cool right?)

We have just finalized the floorplan for this 7000 sqft home and now are working on getting the exterior look right. The house is somewhat french country, somewhat farm house. It has a pool and generous sized wine room. Here are some of the inspiration photos we have pulled to get us going:

With all of the things you have at your house we really could make this happen.

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Classic white kitchen

Transitional Style - Home Design - Bathroom Ideas - Herringbone Pattern - Wood Floors - Ceramic Tile

Our clients love the look of wood beams so I think some of these beauties are in order:

Inviting Interior Design: House by Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas

{Via thefreshpalace}

We will aim to break ground on this in September, there is a small mountain of permits to get, septic to plan etc before we get to doing our thing. Our presentation meeting is in July, so like I said we are hard at it on the search for about every awesome detail we can cram in to this estate. One of the big focal points is the kitchen..this has got me thinking about my kitchen dilemmas over at the Compound and wondering how I can make my kitchen any where near the look of the kitchen in this clients home!

Stay tuned as there is so much to see with this house that we shall be blogging about it for a year.

Amanda xo