Navy Blue Family Room

We have been busy working away on Project Rosemine & Shams, a lovely couple in a pretty house that needs a little updating. The family room is the heart of this house and we wanted it to feel cozy but is our inspiration for the feeling in the room:

Design Boards - Rosemine & Shams3Based on the feeling we want the room to have we have come up with this concept showing the actual pieces:

Design Boards - Rosemine & ShamsThey already own that beautiful rug which is our jumping off piece! Like most family rooms we have to deal with the TV, these are two options we have proposed..turns out the client would rather have the TV over the fireplace allowing for more seating, voila..

Design Boards - Rosemine & Shams2

Here are the two options:

Design Boards - Rosemine & Shams4We are so excited that Rosemine & Shams have decided to go bold and paint the top half of the room a rich navy blue, complete luxe and chic looking..

Stay tuned and we will update you as we move on to their Master Suite.

Happy Decorating,