The Secret To Creating An Ever Evolving Gallery Wall With AS Hanging Display Systems

For those of you that follow my work, I think it is no secret that I am a big fan of gallery walls – small, tall, eclectic or perfectly symmetrical, I think there is probably a good argument to be made that no home should be without at least one.  What I love so much about having a featured gallery wall is that it can be ever evolving and growing as you find unique pieces that speak to your personality – there is something rewarding about building a collection that has been curated over time and has a sense of your family’s personal history to it.

I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to travel a lot throughout my career, and whenever I find myself in a new city I am innately drawn to the local galley scene. There is something I find so inspiring about being in a gallery that goes far beyond the art work, it is the atmosphere and the synergetic energy of being in an every-changing, ever-evolving blank canvas of a space that truly excites me.

What I like most about AS Hanging Display Systems is that it helps me to recreate that same look and feel you would get from an art gallery or museum right in your own home.  As an interior designer, there are no shortage of small details that you must manage, it is not only good enough to just select the artwork for your client’s home but you must also give thought and consideration as to how you want it to be displayed. With a wide range of systems available, ranging from sleek contemporary designs to discreet tracks that can easily be hidden behind finished moldings, I have found from experience that AS Hanging Display Systems has the right system to finish off any of my projects.

My favorite of which is the Classic Gallery System, which evolves with your needs and lifestyle. The functional setup avoids damaging and putting holes in your walls because it allows you complete control over the height, location and weight of your hanging art– something those adhesive backed products cannot deliver. It’s simple, clean, and infinitely interchangeable!

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As a creative person, I thrive off of surrounding myself with things that inspire me – finding daily inspiration with the many talented artists that make up my own personal collection and fill the walls around my home. To me it is not about the artists name or the monetary investment I’ve made, it’s all about how a piece makes you feel, and for me that can change day by day. It is true when they say that art really does make the room, and I relish in having the flexibility of changing my collection around at a whim.

I love that these AS Hanging Display Systems allow me to go in and hang the client’s art and photos professionally but that it also allows them the flexibility to change things around over time.

Give it a try!

Amanda xo