I recently teamed up with RONA to offer advice on how to proceed when planning a bathroom renovation, the key is to manage your project with expert advice!

Although it may be one of the most common renovations, no two bathrooms are alike and given the amount of time we spend preparing in our bathrooms wouldn’t it be nice for the room to be prepared for our lifestyle. Not only are homeowners seeing great returns on these more targeted investments there is also a lot more thought being given to the room that starts and ends virtually every day.
A bathroom may seem like a more manageable task at first pass, however, I highly recommend you seek the advice of experts, even if it is only to validate your plans, expectations and selections.

One of the tricks I learned early on in my career is to surround myself with a team allowing my clients to capitalize on as much free advice as they can get. While I have never claimed to be an expert on everything, I do pride myself on being able to provide my clients with the most concise advice available to me, and in doing so, I have always looked towards Rona as being a part of our approach. It is their trusted and knowledgeable team of employees and preferred contracting services that have not only saved me time and more importantly your money!

Experience tells us that the average investment is between $15,000 and $ 30,000 depending on whether you are looking for a smaller makeover or a total facelift to the space. Setting a budget you are comfortable with will always dictate how far you can go.

Create a sense of visually how you expect the space to look and what material finishes you are thinking of using and then contact the experts at Rona starting with their website. Seeking   guidance early will help you put your project on track right from the start. The most common mistake I see being made over and over is not taking enough time to think out floor plans or the use of space. Adding experience and expertise to the one stop shopping convenience will help you deliver a successful project without compromising quality or style.

The sample design board we have assembled is an excellent example of how to think about your space in the context of look and feel allowing you to approach the experts at Rona with a plan. Please feel free to use the board as you wish and we look forward to seeing your project to success.

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