Welcome Fur Baby Lorde to The Compound

We recently added the sweetest fur baby to our busy clan..I know..crazy right? A 12 week old black french bulldog who we named Lorde. Not sure why Lorde exactly, it came to be one day and seemed fitting given her queen like status around the creative studio. Here are some photos of the twins with […]

Amanda Forrest + Western Living Magazine

Thanks to this summer’s sweltering heat wave, the patio is the place to be, and is getting an exponential amount of face time from visiting family, friends and neighbours without patios. To prepare you for a busy season of outdoor lounging and entertaining, Western Living spoke to designers Chad Falkenberg, Alykhan Velji and Amanda Forrest […]

How To Create A Gallery Wall-Easily!

The Secret To Creating An Ever Evolving Gallery Wall With AS Hanging Display Systems For those of you that follow my work, I think it is no secret that I am a big fan of gallery walls – small, tall, eclectic or perfectly symmetrical, I think there is probably a good argument to be made […]

How Did We Get Here?

  {via Etsy} Looking back I am not really sure how I managed it-the children, travel, clients. I had so many exciting opportunities going on but the reality was that I was exhausted, a little of the physical kind but mostly the mental kind-the really tiring stuff. I had a nanny to help (which I […]

Rona + Amanda Forrest Design: How to Renovate Your Bathroom

I recently teamed up with RONA to offer advice on how to proceed when planning a bathroom renovation, the key is to manage your project with expert advice! Although it may be one of the most common renovations, no two bathrooms are alike and given the amount of time we spend preparing in our bathrooms wouldn’t […]